NNT 2022

Oral Instruction

Oral Instruction
Presentation at Conference site

Presentation at Conference site

- All speakers are required to use an electronic projector.

- An OHP is not available at the conference.

-To avoid software matching trouble, you are requested to bring your own PC with you for your presentation.

(1) All authors should register at the registration desk.

(2) All authors are requested to register at the session registration desk no later than 30 min. before the session starts. Please pick a name card point (blue) up there.

(3). Presentation Time
Regular presentation: 20 min. including 5 min.discussion.
Invited presentation: 30 min. including 5 min. discussion.
Plenary presentation: 40 min. including 5 min. discussion.

Presentation at Real Site
(1). All presenters are requested to entry the “ZOOM Meeting” only during each talk, and evacuate from the “ZOOM Meeting” after your time allotted.

(2). Wired LAN is the only way to connect to the ZOOM Meeting, and Wi-Fi connection is prohibited. Ethernet LAN cable is the only connection we prepared for wired LAN, so that a presenter whose PC does not equipped with the Ethernet (8P8C) jack should bring an adopter (for example, USB-C to Ethernet 8P8C conversion) with you.

(3). As we prepared plural Ethernet cables, you should connect to one near the presenter desk and entry to the ZOOM Meeting before your talk starts. How to entry the ZOOM Meeting is just press in your browser the URL sent by us beforehand and then enter your name. Having your own ZOOM account is not mandatory.

(4). On your own presentation time, you will share your presentation material in the ZOOM Meeting, and start your talk with microphone: “MUTE”, speaker system “OFF”, and camera “ON” of your own PC’s. We recommend the use of “laser-pointer” in PowerPoint or your own PC’s mouse-pointer instead of a “real” laser-pointer because remote audience can not see the “real” laser-pointer.

(5). After finishing your allotted time, you immediately release from sharing your slide and evacuate from the ZOOM Meeting.
Presentation by Online

(1). NNT 2022 secretariat will send the invitation email of access URL of the ''Zoom Meeting''.

(2). Visit the Zoom Meeting to check the connection 30 minutes before the session starts. Confirm that your sound system (and screen sharing if you show slides or video from your PC) works well.

(3). Video and microphone of general participants should be off. If you have questions during a Q&A session,click “Unmute” to use your microphone.